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Introducing the Reading Journey

The Otto Foundation Team is proud to introduce our first publication! The Reading Journey: A journal for your literary adventures.

Earlier this year, our team committed to creating an interactive journal that could gently encourage and guide children to explore their inner and outer reality through books, writing, drawing and storytelling.

The Reading Journal was born from the Otto Foundation's mission statement: to promote, nourish and cultivate a love for reading among children. There is wonderful evidence-backed research on the myriad of emotional, educational and developmental benefits relating to the simple and accessible act of children reading for joy.

Reading enhances the imagination and develops children's critical thinking skills. We designed a rich imaginary landscape and a group of quirky characters to nudge children towards self-motivated, conscious and curious exploration of the world of books.

Meet some of the Reading Journey friends:

The Reading Journey contains a combination of interactive storytelling, poems and activities. It celebrates diverse learning styles and provides a framework for children to invest in reading, choose books that they find interesting, talk about books, and expand their knowledge about themselves and the world. The journal strikes a balance between instructional scaffolding, open-ended prompts, and space for creative expression - a combination we hope will encourage both mindful reading and joyous creativity.

With no pre-defined "correct" responses, children can, with complete agency, plot their own course through the Reading Journey - based on their own reading choices and what interests them as readers.

"Many of the books I read as a child have been like roadmap markers, showing me a range of life options, helping me define myself not only as a reader but as a human being." - Dr. Alfred Tatum

Everyone is on a unique reading journey. We hope that our journal will help children to strengthen their connection to the world of words, and cement a lifelong appreciation for books.

Take a look inside the journal:

Reading Journey is now available for pre-order via our website at a special discounted rate of R200 for a limited time only. Click here to order! (pre-orders close on the 14th of December)

Reis met Woorde: 'n Dagboek vir jou leesreis

Die Otto Stigting se Reis met Woorde is ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans, met vrolike versies geskryf in samewerking met een van ons groot rym-helde, Philip de Vos.

Reis met Woorde kan voorafbestel word teen R200 ('n spesiale afslag) vanaf hierdie platform vir 'n beperkte tyd. (Voorafbestellings sluit die 14de Desember). Kliek hier om jou kopie te bestel.

- The Otto Foundation Team


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