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Setting intentions and being intentional

Dear friends,

It’s a new year, and we would like to talk a bit about how you can explore kindness and curiosity towards yourself and the world! It’s “something” you have inside of you and “something” you can practice: we call that “something” being mindful and present.

Being present means being aware of being in the here and now. Being mindful means paying attention to your thoughts, body, and surroundings.

It is common for anyone to spend a lot of time worrying about something that happened in the past or spending a lot of time thinking about the future. Of course, reflecting on the past and planning for the future is good and necessary, but you can only experience life in the present moment. When planning for the new year, remember that pausing and being present can help to clear your mind and even open opportunities for new ideas. (You can download a goal-setting worksheet at the bottom of the page!)

Play a present-moment game!

This game aims to practice different ways to be mindful and present. (Download available at the bottom of the page)

Before you start the game, cut out the big circle, then cut out the tiny smiley face in the centre of the big circle. Now you are ready to play!

Place the finger of one hand in the centre of the wheel and use your other hand to spin the wheel. Close your eyes and stop the wheel with your finger when you are ready. The section your finger lands on will determine which of the present-moment-prompts to try.

Download the game and worksheet below:

Download PDF • 657KB
Setting Intentions
Download • 949KB


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