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Multicultural Children's Book Day!

Today the world is celebrating children's books from different countries representing diversity and different cultures. We believe that children should see themselves in the pages of books! In our libraries, we will explore a variety of books to capture and explore the essence and importance of the day.

Amongst other books, our Multicultural Children's Book Day recommendations include:

• We are One by Refiloe Moahloli

• Colour of Honey by Maimona Jallow

• Meadow and Marley’s Magical Mix by Katie Mantwa George

• Take Your Place, You Belong by Karen Theunissen

We created a downloadable worksheet drawing inspiration from an excellent book titled "Welcome to our World", written by Moira Butterfield and Illustrated by Harriet Lynas, which explores and showcases different cultures and customs with compassion :

"We sometimes speak different languages, but we all talk to each other. We sometimes wear different clothes, but we all get dressed. We sometimes eat different food, but we all eat. Everyone loves to have fun wherever they live. If you are very lucky, you will make friends from across the world and learn all about what they say and do and how they are different to - and also the same as - you."

Our Foundation Phase learners will work with Refiloe Moahloli's Book (illustrated by Anja Soeckigt), "How many ways can you say hello?". We've drawn inspiration from both books to create a Multicultural Children's Book Day worksheet! You can download the activities via the link at the bottom of the page.

Download the worksheet below:

Download PDF • 566KB


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