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Celebrating World Letter Writing Day

We don't write that many letters by hand on paper anymore. But many of us still remember the thrill of receiving a handwritten letter from a friend or loved one.

In her book 'Dearest Josephine' Caroline George wrote: "“It was through words I found you. Through words, I reach you. And through words, I beg to keep you close.”

Letters can connect us to the people in our lives and help to weave the connections that hold us together. Write a letter to someone in your life today!

Letter writing is also a great activity to do with children. It helps them to practice their writing skills, and to practice structuring their thoughts and ideas.

Our team has created a child-friendly template that you can download to help you and the kids in your life to write a letter to someone. You can download the template here:

World Letter Writing Day template
Download PDF • 35KB

Happy letter writing!


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