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Celebrating Picture Book Month

Dear friends,

November is an extra special month because the whole world is celebrating picture books! Picture books take you to new places and allow you to learn new things. It is like food for your imagination! Even if you are still learning to read, you can create your own story by adding your voice and thoughts to the pictures.

Pictures are one of the oldest and first tools that humans used to communicate with each other, capture ideas, and to be able to share stories. Isn’t it wonderful what humans are capable of creating?

Some picture books have words, and some don’t, but every picture book has a story to tell. Every picture book is a treasure waiting to be explored by you. So turn the page for a surprise, a space to write your own picture-filled story!

Let's create our own story!

We've created a downloadable worksheet just for you! You can use the worksheet to write your own story with a friend, parent, caregiver, sibling or grandparent. Look at the pictures below, talk about, and write down what is happening in each frame. You can decide how the story ends! Draw your own picture and write your own ending below – this is your story!

Download the worksheet below:

picture book month_print
Download PDF • 836KB


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