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Celebrating inspirational women during Women's Month

During Women's Month we celebrate the women who shaped our country, and those who continue

to inspire us every day.

One such woman that deserves to be celebrated is language and literacy educator, Dr Xolisa Guzula (see the activity sheet below in which you can tell us more about a woman who you admire).

Dr Guzula's work as a lecturer at UCT in Applied Language and Literacy Studies has a focus on multi-lingual and multi-literacies education. She specialises in multi-lingual education - especially, and importantly, on teaching children to read and write in two or more language.

Dr Guzula is a member of Bua-Lit Language and the Literacy Collective, and a founder of a network of reading clubs across the country. She is also an acclaimed children’s book author and translator.

Photo credit: Robyn Walker - UCT News

Most recently Dr Guzula co-authored ‘Imbokodo: Women who shape us’ - a groundbreaking series of books introducing readers to the powerful stories of South African pioneers, inventors and creatives who worked with each other in various ways to build and shape our country.

We believe it is apt that we honour Dr Guzula on this Women’s Day. Her tireless, and often lonely, pursuit of social justice in language and literacy education is making a mark and clearing a path for all of us.

On 9 August 1956 thousands of women chanted "Wathint’abafazi, wathint’imbokodo!” ("You strike women, you strike a rock!") outside the Union Building in Pretoria. Dr Guzula is one such rock and we are privileged to know and to celebrate her.

Think about a woman who you admire

Use the activity sheet below to tell people about a woman that you admire. You can draw a picture of her, and share why you love and appreciate her.

Women's Month Activity
Download PDF • 176KB

Onwards and upwards!

The Otto Foundation Team


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