Teachers Resources

and Capacity Building


Being categorized as quintile 5 schools, Zonnebloem Boys’ and Girls’ Primary receive minimal support from the Western Cape Education Department. The schools are, however, not able to raise significant income from school fees. This means that the schools cannot afford to fund governing body positions, and class sizes have become unmanageable. 


The Otto Foundation provides funding for two additional staff members at each school to reduce class sizes and enable the school management to broaden the range of extra-curricular activities offered.


In addition, we make available a teacher training and capacity building budget to the schools. Teachers and school management teams identify training/ skills development areas that they would like to prioritise. The Otto Foundation then (i) assists the teachers and school to identify suitable skills development opportunities, or (ii) funds training identified by teachers or school management teams. 


The need for additional teaching posts was identified through dialogue with the school management teams. Smaller class sizes allow for more productive classroom cultures, and allows the teacher to work with learners in smaller groups - thus enabling her/ him to address learning weaknesses and stimulate learners further in areas where they excel. 

How can you help us

  • Skills development and teacher support organisations - let us know if you have a programme with a proven track record that could assist us in improving literacy and numeracy outcomes at our schools, or get in touch if you have free training opportunities available to teachers. 

  • Friends of the Otto Foundation - reach out to us if you have ideas or suggestions for (i) team building events for teachers or school management teams, or (ii) ways in which we can show our teachers that we appreciate their hard work and dedication. 

  • Donors - help us to keep class sizes manageable by funding or co-funding a teaching position at one of the schools in our network. 


 “The future of South Africa rests in the hands of our youth. We must support them, in every way we can,

to imagine a future with infinite possibilities, and equip them with the skills that they will need to build that future”.
 - Chris Otto -