Community Keepers


Our partner organisation, Community Keepers, offers on-site psychological and social services available to learners, educators, parents and guardians. The physical presence on the Zonnebloem campus and the long term nature of the project allows psychologists and social workers the opportunity to establish long-term relationships and build trust. 


The professional services provided by the Community Keepers staff assist in addressing psycho-social barriers to learning. By pro-actively tackling social concerns in partnership with the Zonnebloem educators, we ensure that learners experience the school as a safe, nurturing space, and that they are emotional prepared and enabled to make the most of their learning opportunities.  

How can you help us

  • Friends of the Otto Foundation - follow Community Keepers on social media, and support their fundraisers and events. 

  • Donors - if mental health is important to you - help us to continue funding this important initiative on the Zonnebloem Estate. 



 “The future of South Africa rests in the hands of our youth. We must support them, in every way we can,

to imagine a future with infinite possibilities, and equip them with the skills that they will need to build that future”.
 - Chris Otto -