The Sunflower

Learning Centre


The Sunflower Learning Centre is a shared library for Zonnebloem Girls’ and Boys’ Primary schools, established by the Otto Foundation in 2016.​ The Centre is run by a full-time library assistant who teach all grades in the Zonnebloem Girls’ and Boys’ Primary school a reading lesson every week. 

The Library is used to : 

  • Foster a culture of reading 

  • Develop learners’ research skills 

  • Offer a safe space for learners to spend time before and after school

  • Promote proudly local children's literature


A library is more than just a room with books, it is a safe space to:

  • Support learning and literacy

  • Have stimulating, esteem-building conversations

  • Build self-reliance and social capital

How can you help us

  • Authors - get in touch to come and read your books to our learners, or to launch your new book in our library.

  • Publishers - let us know about new books that we could add to our catalogue. We are always looking for local titles to purchase.  

  • Other schools - visit us at the Sunflower Centre, or bring your older learners to come and read to our Foundation Phase classes. 

  • #WC Reading Champions and Inspiration partners - please share your ideas on how to promote a culture of reading, or visit our library to brainstorm ideas with our team.

  • All friends of the Sunflower Centre - reach out to us if you are able to co-ordinate a book donation drive or other fundraiser on our behalf. 

  • Literacy organisations - contact us to use the Sunflower Centre as a venue for your next gathering or training session. 

  • Donors - we are always looking for like-minded partners to help us finance the operational expenses of the library or to fund new book purchases. 


Wifi at the Sunflower Learning Centre is sponsored by Vanilla Internet Services


 “The future of South Africa rests in the hands of our youth. We must support them, in every way we can,

to imagine a future with infinite possibilities, and equip them with the skills that they will need to build that future”.
 - Chris Otto -