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Celebrating Africa Day!

Did you know that people all over the world celebrate Africa Day on 25 May?

This special day honours the founding of the first union of African countries back in 1963. It is a time to celebrate and remember the importance of protecting human rights, freedom, culture, and unity among Africans and African countries. It is a great opportunity to come together and show our love and appreciation for the African continent and her people.

Food Stories

There are many ways to celebrate and honour Africa Day. Today we want to focus on using food to tell stories, explore culture and history, and connect with one another. Each of the Otto Foundation librarians selected a food-themed storybook, written by African authors, to celebrate food as something that shapes us, our identities, our cultures and our society.

Downloadable Activity: Celebrating culture, cuisine and creativity

The stories of our heritage and family histories can often be told through the food we share. It is not only about satisfying our hunger but also about bringing people together to nourish both our bodies and souls.

We've created a downloadable worksheet for you! Ask your grandparent, parent, sibling or someone in your community to tell you about memorable foods or recipes that are part of their heritage or their family’s history. You can draw a picture of the food or write a story about the food heritage of someone you know.

Download the worksheet below:

Download PDF • 460KB


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